Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finding coupons with no dumpster diving

Short of Dumpster diving, as seen on the popular TV series "Extreme Couponing," I have discovered that coupons may be found in some of the most unusual places.

Have you ever thought about finding coupons in places like hotel lobbies, local restaurants, or in airport waiting areas? Yes, it's true! Any place that people gather to read a newspaper to pass the time is a great place to find a jackpot of savings in the form of coupons. Many hotels offer complimentary newspapers to their guests, even on Sundays, and Sunday newspapers are full of Promotional Codes inserts.

Patrons at restaurants and passengers at airports will often leave behind their newspapers when they are finished with them, which means free coupons for those in search of savings.

Your local doctor or dentist's offices have complimentary magazines with educational materials that specialize in the area of the doctor's practice for their patients to read. For instance, the last time I visited my dentist, I found a pamphlet that instructed patients on how to brush their teeth. On the back of the pamphlet were three coupons, one for toothpaste, one for a toothbrush and one for dental floss. Savings like that are sure to make you smile.

Do you plan to do some online shopping? Many companies are now offering the assistance of "Chat Operators" to help answer questions about placing your online order. What a perfect time to ask your chat operator about specials, free shipping or online coupon codes to save even more money at checkout. Retailers are more than happy to offer a little savings in order to maintain your business and make you a repeat customer.

Social media is a great way to follow your favorite retailers and find out what items they are promoting for the up-and-coming season. Like your favorite companies on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Many retailers are now using their Twitter feeds as a way to stay in touch with their loyal customers. Find coupon links on your favorite Facebook pages that will allow you to print coupons right at home.

And lastly, a great way to save money when you can't find a coupon, is just to ask! I hate to pay full price for anything. Never be afraid to as your cashier or waiter if there are any discounts or specials that you may not be aware of. Be polite and courteous and you may just find that your efforts will be rewarded with savings!

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Sandra Dulakis is a nurse, mother, wife and founder of Coupon

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