Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sticking with 100% Design, I also wanted to share Textile Futures - a two year Masters course based at Central Saint Martins where they aim to explore the intersection of craft, science and technology and push beyond boundaries to anticipate future needs, desires and challenges. So, as you can imagine, there was some pretty interesting stuff on display at their stand. Those that caught my eye included Guinan An and her 'Latex Exposed' project which asks the question 'How can experimentation with microwaves allow the unexplored properties of latex to be uncovered?' The answer is uncovered in the following images, unveiling some unique designs in multi-textured forms.

What about some Extraterrestrial Acoustics by Lea Spanke. This poses the question - 'How can acoustic discoveries in the exploration of planet Mars inform sonic understanding on Earth?' This collection is a set of interactive analogue models which explain sound propagation on Mars.

I then enjoyed getting up, close and personal with Moe Nagata and her From Creatures collection. On display were stunning jewellery pieces inspired by ancient tribal craft based on the faith of animism and the use of nature... i.e. traditional tribes hunted animals for food, then used every last piece of the animal to make products. Moe explored the use of natural materials discarded from the food industry, including fish bones, fish skins, fish shells and crustaceans, to create contemporary wearable objects.

Whilst taking snaps of Moe's work, a super confident Helene Combal-Weiss beckoned me over to learn more about Textile Futures and also to chat about her own project - Industrial Animism, exploring the question 'In a post-industrial era, can craft instil a sense of aura within mass-produced materials?'. Her work shows how industrially manufactured products and materials could potentially become icons of our time.

To find out more about Textile Futures, visit

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